Manicure prices


How much are manicure prices? Manicure prices also vary according to the nailarts you want to make later than the type of manicure you choose. At the same time, you will see that prices change according to the beauty center you prefer.

From a very simple manicure to a decidedly professional and all-inclusive manicure, of course, price differences will occur. But the beauty center you choose is very important both in terms of your nail health and in terms of getting your dream smooth, shiny and smooth nails.

Euphoria offers you the highest quality service and also the most competitive prices on the market. In order to experience customer satisfaction at the highest levels of manicure prices, you can contact us at any time, make an appointment and visit our beauty center. A day of care can be a day that can be good for everyone, give them smiles, give them a detox effect. Don’t be late for an affordable but quality day of care.