Manicure and Pedicure

In order to have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, we pay attention to our care, we resort to many methods such as exercise, diet and personal care for a healthy life. One of the most important of these treatments is, of course, the Manicure and Pedicure (hand-foot care) application that we often do. So how about a healthy manicure and pedicure procedures?

Manicure and pedicure is a cosmetic application that is applied to make our hands and feet have a healthier and more beautiful appearance. On this page, we will share what you should pay attention to before applying manicure pedicure by answering questions such as what is manicure and pedicure, how is it done, what are the benefits and what are the manicure models.

Manicure and pedicure (Manicure and Pedicure) is a professional application that we do periodically in order for our hands, feet and nails to have a healthy and beautiful appearance. While taking care of our fingernails with manicure; with pedicure, the necessary care is taken to ensure that the toenails and toenails have a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Manicure is a practice that dates back thousands of years, first started with the use of traditional methods in India, and then continued to develop thanks to the importance given to the nails of the Chinese empresses who were fond of caring for them. (Manicure and Pedicure)

Especially in recent periods, it is observed that the attention paid to hand and foot health is increasing day by day. Why is manicure pedicure preferred along with the need arising from a healthy lifestyle, beauty, visuality or a regular, well-groomed individual understanding? The answer to the question is given. It is possible to clearly express that it is a maintenance procedure performed in terms of the health, beauty and aesthetics of the person. You should think of them as different systems. As mentioned, hand and nail care and foot and nail care will be presented to you.

What is a Pedicure?

What is a pedicure? Pedicure is derived from the words foot (pad) and cure (cure). According to the findings obtained, pedicure was first applied by Pharaoh’s servants in Egypt.

What is a pedicure? Pedicure is a treatment that removes dead flesh, softens your hardened toes and skin, and treats your toenails. A good foot treatment feels very good, but the application of a pedicure can vary from the type of polish to massage. Therefore, it is important to find the right pedicure center.

What to expect from a Pedicure

Pedicure is a great application for your foot care!

  • If you have foot problems, regular pedicure can be supportive for treatment. Thus, your treatment process may be shorter.
  • A pedicure can help improve your posture; you will naturally walk more comfortably with well-groomed, healthy feet.
  • When combined with other treatments, it can relieve you. When your pedicure specialist massages your feet with a few emollient and soothing creams, you feel like a feather!

Especially in the summer, our feet, which have difficulty getting air due to the constant use of socks and shoes, need pedicure application both from a healthy point of view and from an appearance point of view.

How to do manicure and pedicure?

Application of the system, that is, how should you do manicure pedicure? The answer to the question is simple. The use of a general expression, to give an example through manicure or in the case when it is necessary to clarify the subject. We can explain the applied operations as follows. The process of smoothing the existing skin will be carried out. The visible nail skin will be pushed back to the area. The dead skin on the visible nail bases will be completely cleaned. The filing process will be performed on the existing nails or the shaping process will be performed on the existing nails.

The processes specified as polishing and polishing and applying nail polish will be performed. It is also seen that a system such as hand massage is included in this by some beauty centers. How to do a pedicure in conception? When the question is raised, the same applications can be mentioned. Again, softening the skin, the skin of the feet and pushing the existing nail skin on the foot back to the area and cleaning the nail bottoms are the basic steps of the procedure. Of course, it will also be the case to file the nails, shape the nails, polish the nails, polish or apply nail polish, and apply a combined foot massage.

What does a professional pedicure and manicure include?

When you choose a beauty center, the most important issue that you should pay attention to will be the hygiene conditions that are necessary. Hygiene requirements will start from the tools used. All kinds of tools such as filing, cutting, shaping should be ensured to be in sterile environments. In addition, you should not forget that after use on each individual, all tools of this type must be disinfected with the necessary machines or chemicals.

It is possible to do the above-mentioned operations individually and personally in a simple way. But in general terms, who can do manicure pedicure? The answer to your question will be given by certified businesses or beauty centers. Individually, you can push back the skin of your nails, try to clean the dead skin at the base of the nails, file or shape, polish nail polish, you can do such operations as applying nail polish. (Manicure and Pedicure)

But in the case when you receive services from a beauty center or professional place. You will prevent possible health problems such as existing injuries or existing inflammation or existing germs and eliminate possible mistakes by getting professional services.

The place where you will get the necessary advice on this issue will be, as you can imagine, the places where you receive services, beauty centers. However, as you know or have guessed, after the procedure you have performed on the lifetime of manicure pedicure application, you can observe such as changing the shape of the nails, lengthening the nails, loss of the shine of the nails, the skin coming back from the nail root to the nail.

Does it really benefit you to have this procedure done? Are there any health benefits of having a manicure pedicure? It is observed that blood circulation increases. It is observed that stress decreases. Smooth skin and smooth nails are made available. The most important thing is the health of your nails. (Manicure and Pedicure)